Finally, TBD shipped out my book today!!! I wonder how long it will take to arrive to Hong Kong.


Placed my first order from The Book Depository

I placed an order for a paperback copy of Nalini Singh’s Heart of Obsidian on The Book Depository. I already have the e-book version on my Kindle Paperwhite but I really like this book a lot so I decided to get a physical copy of it. 

Now, I am currently located in Vietnam and god knows how hard it is to find a bookstore that sells English books. Even when I’m in Hong Kong, it is hard to find the latest books out by my favorite authors in the bookstores there. In Malaysia it is even worse. Not only do the bookstores not carry my favorite author’s books, the price are terrifyingly expensive! A paperback will cost at least RM34.90 (MPH bookstores) while a hardback copy will set you back around RM70 or so. @_@ !! No wonder the people back home are not known for their reading habit. 

Anyway, I’ve heard of The Book Depository for quite a while now but I’ve never purchase a book from the site before. The site offers free shipping worldwide and from what I can see, the price of its books are one of the cheapest around. My only concern is whether the book will arrive safely in my hands or not. :-/ 

The book costs USD 7.59 (there is a USD 0.40 discount) and that’s it. No additional costs as the shipping is free. I used my Visa Debit Card to pay for it although they do have Paypal service as well. It will take approximately 7-10 days for the book to arrive to Vietnam once it is dispatched, if the ETA in the website is reliable. Crossing my fingers wishing for it to arrive safely! 


USD 7.59 is RM25.83, according to the bank’s exchange rate. Still cheap! 😀