Before a man loves another man, he will think that he loves women.

That is what a friend of a friend of mine told her while they were doing a discussion in class. 


Now that I’m back in Hanoi, time to hunt the streets for food!

And now I’m back in Hanoi after spending 4 weeks in Hong Kong. What I love most about Hanoi is of course, the food. On the night I arrived in Hanoi, I had the Pho Bo (beef soup noodle) and for Sunday brunch, I had the bánh cuốn nhân chả rán (steamed spring rolls with pork). 

This afternoon, the colleague and I had Bun Cha. It was delicious!! And it’s cheaper than the Pho and the spring roll at VND33,00 while the Pho and the spring rolls cost VND50,000 and VND40,000 respectively.