Attempt at making DIY Granola Bar

A few days ago, I came across a video on how to DIY Granola Bars. I’m not a big fan of granola bars so I didn’t pay much attention to the video. Then last night, out of boredom, I decided to give it a try. I should have paid more attention to the video as I ended up making quite a few mistakes (LOL).


I already have the ingredients at hand (yeah!). So what I basically did was, pour an amount of cereal in a bowl and put in some marshmallows. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, took it out and mix it. Then I shape it into any shape I want (that’s what the ice cube tray is for ;P)





How it looks like before microwaved.


After 30 seconds in the microwave (I should have put it in longer, not to mention I should have crushed the cereal first ;( )



The end result. It was too sweet(!) but overall it was ok, I guess. A few things I’ve took note of are 1) I should have crushed the cereals first, 2) microwave it longer to make it easier to mix 3) not to use cereal which are already sweet in the first place since the marshmallows are already sweet! 

Halfway through, I tried to rectify my mistakes (crushing the cereals first!) but I did not have a clean plastic or a zip loc bag so I make do with using one of the cereal’s plastic bag and crushed it using a canned food tin.


There was a little bit of cereal left inside that bag so I put it inside a bowl while I abused it’s plastic bag.


Froot Loops! The contents in a bowl while I abused its plastic bag. 

Anyway, the outcome of this attempt is, I will probably not attempt to make a DIY granola bar again in the near future. I’ll just leave it to the professionals. If I somehow still want to attempt it, I’ll use cornflakes. 

So that is how I spent my Sunday night. 😀 Well, I did re-learn my Katakana again and read Julia Quinn’s latest book. 


“Countrymen popcorn”


Not sure what is this popcorn called by the Vietnamese but Jacob, a South Korean colleague, informed me that it is called countrymen popcorn in South Korea. Not sure why though.

I like this popcorn as it’s not sticky and it has a slight sweet taste which is very pleasant. Bought VND20.000 (USD1) worth of popcorn from a roadside seller. I’m not sure how he measured it but for one dollar, I’ve got quite an amount of popcorn. 🙂