Where am I in life now.

It’s been 1 year since graduation and here I am, miles away from home trying to earn a living. A year ago, I wouldn’t have dream of being where I am right now.

I am officially employed for 3 months now (3 months before that was probation period, so I don’t really take that into consideration), I have less than one month salary of savings (my goal is 3 months salary of savings or emergency fund; 6 months’ worth of expenses is hard to calculate since my expenses fluctuates). My savings is a bit low at the moment but at least the debt is getting lesser. Going to tackle my RM5k student loan debt from this month onwards. Hopefully I’ll be able to pay it off in a year’s time.

What else, what else? I need to control my emotional spending. My bank balance is not going to like that. I need to set aside money for retirement(?).

I have to stop myself from procrastinating and start picking up basic reading and speaking skills in Japanese and Spanish. It’s hard though since I always feel so burned out after work which leads to the emotional spending to make myself feels better.

I want to start a small side business selling baby clothes. Am looking into resources right now and asking for opinions from a friend who’s doing a card game business. This means, more money to be set aside and the emotional spending needs to go.

Sometimes I feel so unaccomplished when I compare myself with my peers. I always remind myself that each person has a different way of measuring success.Mine is to save enough money to open a small business, pay off all the debts (family & personal),able to speak confidently in Japanese and Spanish and saved enough money so that I won’t ever worry about money (the lack of it) ever again.

P.S. I need to exercise more too! At least, 10 mins every day! I can’t even get past the 3 minutes mark on that exercise video I found on PopSugar website. AaaarghhhH!! I’m so out of shape!! :P


Shoe shopping!


Bought shoes for the niece,nephews and sister. And 3 pairs of shoes for yours truly. :). Oh happy day.


After work last night, I went hunting for a small bottle of Bailey’s at the local supermarkets. Supermarket One was a miss. They only had the big ones. So I went to another supermarket and I finally found it! 🙂


Now I have to make ice cubes to go with it.

I am glad I’m a member of IHG’s Rewards Club

So,  I’m going back to Malaysia this Friday for a short and much needed break before I go off to Hong Kong on Monday. Due to some issues, I refuse to stay at my sister’s place ( We have a very good sister relationship, it’s just that I don’t want to stay at her place) so I look around for cheap hotels for me to stay during these 3 nights. 

My initial budget was RM50 per night which is not realistic (LOL) and it must be near the city centre (Kuala Lumpur). It took me less than 24 hours to realize that my expectations are not realistic (silly me!) unless I am willing to stay in a very spartan room during those 3 days lol. A motel is out of the question because my sister will be coming to stay with me during those 3 nights and I don’t want my short getaway be spent in a motel. Hahaha

Fortunately, I remembered that I am a member of the Intercontinental Hotels Group  Rewards Club (IHG Rewards Club) and I have quite a substantial amount of rewards point which I never got the chance to use. So I went to its website and check the availability of IHG’s hotels in Kuala Lumpur. There were only 2 IHG hotels in Kuala Lumpur, one in Bukit Bintang and another in Shah Alam. 

The one in Shah Alam is way too far so I settled with the Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Without using my rewards point, it would have cost me around RM500 a night! @_@ Thank God for rewards point. 🙂 

It costs me 30,000 points per night so in total 90,000 points were used for my 3 nights stay. Good, no? RM1,500 = 90,000 points. I consider that a very good deal. Did I mention I am very glad that I’m a member of IHG’s Rewards Club? 😛



The room I booked is a deluxe room and from the pictures I’ve seen in the hotel’s website, it looks very promising.  And now, I’ll just have to wait for Friday. 😀

Home sweet home. Wait for me, Malaysia!!

Jolly Time FunMania Popcorn!



Natalie bought this earlier in the week and we finally tried this last night and it is so delicious! Best part is, it’s very cheap! Around VND16,000. That is less than USD1. 🙂

So Natalie went and bought it again today and I asked her to buy one for me too but in different flavor. 


I like buttery popcorn! I wonder if they have caramel flavored one as well. When I’m not bogged down with work, perhaps I’ll go and check it out. 

And now off I go to pop this beauty! 😛