Trying to read smoothly in Hiragana

In my goal to be able to read smoothly in Hiragana and Katakana, I’ve decided to look for any Japanese news or stories online and convert the text in Hiragana and Katakana (I can’t read Kanji, obviously).

The site I used to translate kanji to Hiragana is this —> A useful website I found is —> This site has furigana for the kanji so I don’t have to have its contents translated into Hiragana.

So far, this is only day 3 of my attempting to read smoothly in Hiragana. Starting Monday, I would like to start with Katakana. Unlike Hiragana, I always find it hard to memorize and read Katakana. 😦 Hopefully, I will be able to remember it this time around. 

Below is a text of which I have already translated to Hiragana using the site I mentioned above. The story is title “Akatarou” (あ かたろ う).

“1. たいへん ものぐさ な   おじいさん と おばあさん が い まし た 。 


2. ほんとうに   ものぐさ で   なに を する の も めんどうくさく て 、 なん にち も   いえ の なか で じっと し て いる だけ だっ た の です が 、 ある ひ   ふたり が なに の き なし に   からだ を こすっ た ところ   からだ から あか が ぽろぽろ おち て き まし た 。 


3. おじいさん と おばあさん は   なんだか   それ が おもしろく て   からだ の あちこち を こすっ て は 、 まえ の もの と いっしょ に し て ぎゅっと まるめ 、 また   ぽ り ぽ りこ すっ て あか を だし て は   さっき まるめ た もの に 、 さらに くっつけ て ・ ・   と   やっ て い たら 、 しまいに は   いち かたまり に なっ た ので 、 ちょっと いたずら しん を おこし た おじいさん は 、 それ に   つば を まぜ て ねり 、 ちいさな ひと の かたち に し て み まし た 。 


4. できあがっ た ちいさな にんぎょう を み て いる うち に 、 なんとなく   それ が かわいく なっ て き た おじいさん と おばあさん は 、 それ を とっ て おい た から と いっ て   なに に なる で も ない もの でし た が 、 だからといって   そのまま すてる に は   かわいそう な き が し て 、 どう し た もの か と おもい ながら うえ を みる と 、 ほこり だらけ の かみだな が め に つき まし た ので 、 あか で つくっ た ちいさな にんぎょう を   とりあえず   かみだな において 、 とくに なに を おがむ で も なく   ぱんぱんと   て を うち まし た 。

The text is actually longer, but I am taking it slowly so that my brain would have time to process and to not overwhelm it. LOL.

Anyways, that’s how my Sunday is (waking up at 2pm, lounging around until 5pm, etc). I hope the coming week would be a good and productive one! 🙂



Breakfast of choice for today

Yogurt with aloe vera bits.

My desktop background.

My favorite Johnny’s in drag! 😛


After nearly a year out of uni, I’ve finally brought myself to reacquire my basic Japanese skills. I’m starting slow, learning Hiragana first before moving on to Katakana. My aim for the next 2 weeks is to be able to read fluently in Hiragana and Katakana (Kanji is out of the question for now) before moving on to vocabulary and grammar acquisition. Wish me luck!


A cool site I found!

So, before starting work today I was scrolling down my tumblr feed and saw this. I was intrigued and went to the site to check it out. First, I typed in “apple” and pressed Enter. It brought me to another page that looks a lot like an online editing tool. I pressed down a key (random ones will work) and it began spewing out word after word about the apple fruit. Interesting, no?

Since I’m not a college student, this site is pretty much useless for me. But on days I would like to have something random to read, this site is very useful. All I have to do is type in a topic I want to read about, and the site would give me the reading material. 😀

So today the topic I want to read up on is “prostitution” and below is a screenshot of the essay that the site turned up with.



First time to a thrift store

It took me 24 years to finally step in to a thrift store a.k.a secondhand shop. Boy, I’ve been missing lots of great things hidden in a thrift store! 😀


My favorite purchase! A maxi dress.


This dress is so girly! My second fav of the loot.



These 2 dresses are for work. Need to iron them! I hate wrinkles on my clothes lol


This dress…. well, it looks like something to sleep in but it’s too fancy for that. I really, really like the style but it kinda looks frumpy on me. Maybe I’ll give it to my mother. She likes these type of dresses.

Total damage today: HKD320 or RM125. For 5 dresses! Which makes each dress costs only RM25. Woohoo!

Yes to more future trips to the thrift store! Can’t believe I waited 24 years before I finally took the plunge. 😀

This girl is a very satisfied girl. 😛

What made me smile today.

I decided to start a ‘what made me smile’ posts so that later down the lane, I could reflect back and see whether my view of the world is still going to be the same or if it will change.

And so, what made me smile today is, what’s in the picture below!


It seems like some bored folks decided to give this… road divider? road post?, a makeover. Isn’t it cute? 😀

I do wonder how they managed to get the correct measurement for it though. Do they get the measurements from stores that supplies these posts? Or do they painstakingly measure them manually? Or do they just go with luck, knitting the covers without knowing the ecaxt measurements, hoping that it will fit? Guess I’ll never know. 🙂

Here’s another one!


Have a nice day everyone!

This is how I start my Saturday morning

1. Woke up at 8.30 AM.
2. Snoozing for 30 minutes.
3. Finally got up at 9 AM.
4. Short shower.
5. Went to the subway station at 9.30 AM.
6. Took Tung Chung line to Citygate Mall.
7. Arrive at 10 ish.
8. Had brunch – Japanese pork cutlet rice with curry sauce. Yummy!

9. Walk around the mall.
10. Went to Samsonite and bought a 30 inch American Tourister luggage bag for HKD709.


11. Went back to the hotel.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday morning. 🙂
Hope everyone else had a nice Saturday morning too. B-)

I’m in Hong Kong!

Again. This is my third week here and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

So many things to do (to buy! LOL), places to see, work to be done and the list goes on..

I intend to write a lengthy post but at present, nothing comes to mind. Which is weird, considering before I power on the laptop I had a number of ideas on what to write about. 😛

So, maybe next time. 😀